My Story

My story begins just the same as everyone else.

 As a sinner.

Yeah my parents took me to church in my younger days.  But at the age of 13, my world started to grow darker.  Anger started to rise, with hatred and wrath.

By 14 I was smoking on a regular basis.

15 started drinking.  Now mind you, I never did like beer.  It smelled and tasted horrible.  No I liked Smirnoff.  Started drinkin harder like dark liquor by 16.

The thing about me drinking, is i rarely got drunk.  No matter how much i drank or how hard i tried.  My body would never let me get drunk.  I see now the reason behind it.  The same age I drank and drove alot.  After I realized I couldn’t get drunk at 16, I started doing marijuana.

By the time I was 17, there was never a time I was not drinking, or smoking pot.  I stayed high all the time, even when I went to the pool hall in downtown or the  “Christian” hang out spot right across the street..  The upper room was meant to be a “Christian” hand out spot, but people done more drugs in there, than on the street.  There was a mosh pit in the basement where I would get in fights because someone elbowed me in the nose, or stole my signature hardcore dance move.  I would throw rocks at the business windows in the downtown area where the upper room was found.  I would smoke pot in a grave yard which had graves from the mid 1800’s.  I would go to parties where I would out smoke and out drink everyone there.  I played with peoples emotions because I knew how, and it pleased me.  I have been shot at, and I’ve been threatened with knives.  All in the name of drugs.  I would drive my car 140mph just because I needed the adrenaline rush.  Which was more of an addiction than my drugs or my alcohol.  I needed the rush weekly, daily, hourly…I needed a rush all the time.

So at the ages of 18-19 I was a lost cause.  I would cuss the preachers every friday when they would try to talk to me.  I would chuckle everyone told me anything about Christianity.  Because when I attended church, I took in alot of knowledge and I knew more than most Christians.  It was amusing to me to listen to the hypocrites try and teach me something when they had no idea what it all even meant.

But one day something changed.  I showed up in my car with my best friend as usual…but I seen this girl.  It seemed like all of the lights went out in the downtown and shown on her.  I knew her…I went to school with her…but something about her was different.  She was standing beside those preachers I cuss every friday.  But why is she with them?  I approached her, and knew she had to be mine.  When we started talking, I done everything I could to grab her attention.  When I got it, I knew I had her.  But what I didn’t realize…she really had me.  When we started dating, she eventually told me she wanted to go to church again.  And after refusing for weeks…I decided to go.

I went for a couple of weeks and each week the Holy Spirit was working on me.  I had such a conviction on me after so long, that when I finally approached the alter, every step I took, I could view my past sins leaving me.  Like all of my  burdens were being lifted.  Like all of my cares were being swept away.  And when I fell on my face at the alter, I asked God to forgive me.  A sinner.

And the Lord appeard to me and took me into the clouds, and I found myself in the Spirit.  And the Lord saved me that day,  He sanctified me that day, and When all was said and done, I found myself in the Holy of Holies.  And I was set free…and won the victory.  And not a day goes by that I remember what God has done for me.  Now I am married to God’s daughter that He chose for me, and now have 2 little boys which are my blessings.  Gabriel and Levi.  Now I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ every where I go, and use my past as a testimony.  But my story doesn’t end there…

Because every day the Lord blesses me with a new day.  And everyday he gives me opportunities to win others to Christ.  And everyday is a new adventure…and I know i have many more to come.


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