This word, is one of the best ways to describe God.  Overall there is no describing God.  When you try to Describe God, you ultimately try to Define God.   When you try to Define God, that means you Limit God.  When you try to Limit God, then you miss that God is truly Omnipotent.

Omnipotent means:  All powerful, Almighty, Having unlimited power, Universal power, and if looking in certain dictionaries, they define it as, an Attribute that God alone possesses.

God is Omnipotent.  He has unlimited and universal power and authority.  Therefore you can not limit him.  The word Unlimited, meaning without limits or boundaries, is something that the Human mind can not comprehend.  We think that Time is unlimited.  Time continues forever and ever.  Does not have a beginning and will never end.  But Time does have a Limit!! God created it, therefore it started.  Then the bible tells us about the signs of the times, or the end of times.  Those that endure till the END shall be saved.  But unlike TIME.  God, is limitless.  The thought of this is so far beyond man’s comprehension, we can hardly even believe what is at the “end” of the Universe   Does that mean there is an end to the universe?  Why yes there is.  God created it, God defined it, so God limited it.  It is just so incredibly astronomically enormous, that our minds can’t even come close to seeing its limits.  Just like we can’t fathom the thought of life after death.  We have not experienced it, and it is something that so many people have such controversial disputation about.  Is there a heaven and a hell?  Do we cease to exist?   Is there a purgatory, where I may become a ghost?  Death is such a horrifying phenomenon,  that we can’t digest its full extent.  All of these things,  Time, The Universe, and Death, were created by a supreme deity known as the Omnipotent God.  Jesus Christ.

Omnipotent also means Unlimited Authority.  Even a king must pass his kingdom to an heir.  And even a king only has so much power.  A king can tell people to do something, and it be done.  Kings have authority to command armies and civilians, and force people to work the land.  But a king with Unlimited authority can do all of these things and more.  A human king can not tell the grass to grow, or the land to quake.  He can not tell the wind to blow or tell the waves to come so far on the beach.  He can not tell a star to shine, or even create a human being out of dust.  But an Omnipotent God, who has unlimited power can!  And He did using his Unlimited Authority.  This king speaks, and stars shine.  He speaks and oceans roar.  When He speaks, mountains bow to honor him and the wind and the seas obey him.  And even all the animals, know who their King is.  He is not just a king.  He is the KING OF KINGS!

With thunder in his footsteps and lightning in his fists.  The strongest of all tornados and storms are known as “The finger of God”  He holds the entire Universe in the palm of his hands.  And with his words, was the heavens and the earth created.  And with His love and his hands, did he form, mold, and create us.  Breathing a living soul into an empty vessel of flesh.  Who continues to control anything in existence.  Including the moons, the solar systems, the suns, the galaxies.  And even the little fetus that was conceived inside a mothers womb.

This Omnipotent King also has the unlimited authority and power to punish those who oppose him.  He is a righteous and just king, who sends those people to a place where time does not exist.  Where you exist for all of eternity.  (Something else a human mind can not comprehend)  But this place is the worse place to spend eternity.  It is a prison.  A prison with raw torture and a pit engulfed in flames.  Where the flames consume you as if you were being burned at the stake.  Being burned to death watching your skin melt off, screaming in agony, yet never able to die.  And this continues for eternity.  This King will send those who oppose him, to a place where demonic creatures gnaw on your bones.  A place where the flame is so hot, that if someone may dip their finger in water and touch it to your tongue will bring you relief.

And this Omnipotent King, also has the unlimited authority and power, to reward those, who honor him.  Who love him and worship him.  He rewards people by giving them a peace.  And a place He has prepared for us, where we will never feel pain again.  No headaches, toothaches, back pain, no more sickness or feeling achy.  No stomach viruses, no pain in child birth, and not even a bee sting.  All that He asks of us to be rewarded, is to be faithful to Him.  To love Him. To CHOOSE him.  He asks that we surrender our lives to him.  No im not talking about sacrafice.  Im talking about opening your heart and let Him consume you.  And for you to be engulfed in his mercy and love and holiness.

And the great thing about this Omnipotent King, is He WANTS us to be with him.  You know what that means?  That means when we invite Jesus Christ in our heart, the Omnipotent King, then that Omnipotence, is there to back us up.   To care for us, to keep us safe, and to promise us a beautiful eternity.  This Omnipotent King loves us more then the rest of his creation.  More then the ends of the universe, more then time, and more then his own creations.  He loves us.  He wants us.  So let Him have you.  And you have him.

With this Omnipotent King, comes Omnipotent Love.


Resolution or Revelation?

It is 2011.  New years day has come and gone, and millions of people stayed up until midnight to “bring in the new year” and make their new years resolution.  Resolution.  Something you promise yourself you will do before the year is up.  Such as lose weight or learn to play guitar, or do more charity work.

Though there is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself in one aspect of your life, the problem with resolution is 95% of people break 95% of their resolutions.  Or forget about their Resolution at the end of the year.  So though you “may or may not” truly mean it at the first of the year, by the time you come close to fulfilling your Resolution, you have already forgotten it.  Some people even make their resolution to QUIT something.  Such as smoking, eating unhealthy or even being lazy.  And when February comes around, they hadn’t quit, don’t intend to, and forgot about their Resolution, their promise to themselves.

But you know, the bible says in Matthew 5 33-37 not to swear at all.  Not for yourself, on God, heaven, earth or anything.  But you should only say yes, or no.  Anything else beyond that comes evil.  Lost yet?  That means you don’t swear or promise on yourself or on your dog or swear to God that something is true or not true.  Instead just say yes or no.  Some people don’t see that much of a sin, but God said He did not like it, just the same as He said He don’t like you to kill.   A sin is a sin in the eyes of God no matter how big or small.  No sin can enter in so if you have that sin in your life, repent of it lest you are cast in the lake of fire.

But instead of making Resolutions, how about getting a Revelation.  A Revelation is the act of revealing or disclosure.  What significance does that have with new years?  Well a Resolution is something you want, and swears to do for that year, with no thought of the past.  A Revelation is a moment where you reflect on the previous year, realize your flaws that separate you from Christ, and strive to do better. For example:

“Last year I brought 2 people to God, in 365 days i only brought 2 people!  I have GOT TO DO BETTER THAN THAT!!! “

“Last year I disappointed God by acting worldly, giving my friends the wrong impression of who I really am.  I have got to start standing my ground and showing the world I’m a Christian.”

And after every revelation, should follow a prayer.  Such as the first example the prayer should sound like,

Lord, I’m sorry I was not faithful in bringing the lost to you!  Help me, by giving me more opportunities!”

The second is fairly simple,

“Lord, I’m sorry I have disappointed you, Help me learn to become e better example to my family and friends!

Notice how every prayer starts with “Lord, I’m Sorry”

This is because when you reflect on what you have done the previous year, you realize that somewhere, you were wrong.  And you need forgiveness before asking the Lord to help you fix it.  Otherwise, its pointless.  Instead of swearing that you will do something, or quit something for your Resolution, Reflect, and ask the Lord for forgiveness to help you accomplish something you need to work on.  Give yourself a Revelation.

My Revelation,

“To forgive my neighbor 70 times 7 and to bring more lost to the pathway of heaven, is my Revelation for 2011