Christianity 101


What is Christianity?  What does it take to be a Christian?  Why should I be a Christian?

Have you ever asked these questions?  Even for people who are Christians, need to be reminded on what a Christian is, and what being a Christian is all about. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who need it the most. This blog isn’t just for non-Christians, but for Christians too.  Being a Christian is far more then what people believe it is.  It is not a religion.  Its a relationship. Take notes people because what I will be discussing in the new category “Christianity 101” I am going to talk about things that you will need to be reminded of, and remind others.  I will say things that some Christians would dare not say lest they be persecuted by the public. I will bring the truth out that will offend, non-Christians and Christians alike.  I will give advice, and I will share the orders that Jesus shared with us.  But mostly in Christianity 101 I will teach.  However I will put more prayer, and meditation on this blog, I will take more time with this blog, so you will not see as many posts.

Let us get back to the main topic at hand.

I noted before that Christianity is not a Religion.  But a relationship.  It is an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It is being married to Him.  Communing with Him or being ONE with Him.  The word Christian means being Christ Like.  The word Christian is such a powerful word that most people put the word to shame.  Being Christ like is everything He done, you should do.  Everything He taught, you should teach.  When people persecuted Him, He let them and just prayed for them.  When people crucified Him, He didn’t damn the world of their sins, but forgave the world.  He was a servant to all, and loved all.  Do you really think you are like that?

Lets look at the love of Jesus.

Some say “Well I love everyone but I may not like a few people.”  or “I hate our president!”, “I hate Muslims”, “I hate murderers and theives”.  But what we don’t realize is Jesus said the Greatest Commandment (Note: Commandment is singular and not plural) of all is Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as I have loved you.  The bible tells us that He loved us enough to die for the whole world.  That means in order to be a Christian, we must feel and be willing to do the same thing.  Even for the president, the Muslims, murderers, and thieves and etc.  He washed the sinners feet, He showed compassion to adulterers, He judged with a loving manner, and He never turned people away.  Now don’t be confused.  The bible also says that the Christians should not have fellowship with the sinners.  That means, As a Christian, if you hang out with sinners, to others you look like one of them.   Don’t fellowship with them don’t hang out with them.  But lead them.  Be with them to show them the light and only to do so.  Jesus tells us to go out into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  That means we are not supposed to be of this world.  We are separate from the sinners.  But we need to go to them, to see them to the light.  Christians lose a lot of old friends but they gain many more.   The reason for this is because not everyone accepts Jesus.  And if they don’t accept Him, then they won’t accept you.  But the bible tells us that if our eye is destroying our body, pluck it out (Eye being a friend here.) Because its better for the eye to perish then the whole body be cast in the fires of hell.  Jesus tells us to separate ourselves from our non-Christian friends, lest we have the same fate as they.

Lets look at the power of Jesus

God is Terrible. His power is unlimited.  But He gave us power over all sicknesses and diseases.  He tells us in his word “These things I have done, you will do greater”.  Jesus loved the people who were sick.  Not disgusted by them.  He helped the people with diseases.  Not shun them in fear of catching what they had.  Jesus tells us that we should lay hands on people to heal them.  His power is linked with His love.  He heals, because He loves.  We must heal because we love.  If we don’t love the person like Jesus loves them how can we expect to heal them?

Being a Christian is more then a truth to believe in.  A song writer once said, Its a truth that lives, moves, and breathes.  It is the very essence of joy and peace.

But I want to answer the three questions I have at the beginning.

1. What is Christianity? Christianity is a relationship.  It means Christ Like.  Being like Christ.    Jesus heals so we must heal.  Jesus loves so we must love.  Jesus died so we must die.  (Put off the new man and put on the new.  Becoming a new creature.  Being born again.)  Jesus preached so we must preach.  Jesus was Holy so we must be Holy.

2. What does it take to be a Christian? It takes forgiveness. It takes truly believing that Jesus died and rose again from the dead.  It takes asking Jesus to come into your heart.  It takes sacrifice.  It takes a leap of faith.  And I won’t lie.  Sometimes it can be hard.  It takes courage and you must be willing to Repent. Repent means changing from your sins.  It takes giving up an old lifestyle.  It takes reading your bible and praying daily.  It takes loyalty and commitment.  It takes being fully consumed in God, so that God can be fully consumed in you.

3. Why should I be a Christian? So you can spend eternity with God in heaven, and not an eternity in hell.  God has unlimited powers.  Does that not sound like the kind of person you want on your side when you are having trouble?  You should be a Christian for the joy.  When you accept Jesus as your Savior you have an overwhelming joy come over you.  You should be a Christian for the peace.  When hard times come, you know that there is an Omnipotent God (all powerful), by your side and you know there is no need to fear.  If you think you want a life where there is safety and refuge, where there is peace and joy, where there is always an almighty God by your side.

Christianity is a lifestyle.  A Choice.  A Relationship

Christianity 101


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