Invisible Church 2

Time to have an addition to the previous Invisible Church post.  I have talked about what it was, but lets go into depth in what the Church with the four walls was meant to be.  Lets first take a look at how we see our local church.

Local Church.  Doesn’t matter what denomination, they all have service at least once a week.  Maybe two or three times a week.  Maybe more.  Have communion for special services, and baptism with water.  Revivals, Vacation Bible School, Pastor Appreciation, and so on.

But one thing most churches do, and not realize is,  Idolatry.  Todays congregation raises their Pastor on a pedestal like they worship him.  Granted the bible does say, “we ask you to honor those leaders who work so hard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging and guiding you along in your obedience. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love”   and “The Lord commanded that those who preach the good news should be supported by those who benefit from it”.  So yeah, I understand giving thanks to your Pastor, and showing him honor and respect.  But most church folk, don’t just respect and honor him, but they fear him more than they do God.  The follow him and listen to what he says over what the Word says.  They would rather listen to him, fight and die for him, then read the Word and learn for themselves.  Why is this?   Because EVERYBODY in this world needs something to worship.  Most people need to see the things they worship.  And Most of those most, see it easier to worship their pastor, their (special link to God), then face the hard truth. That no human is going to judge them and pity them in the end.  But God the just, will judge, with no pity OR mercy unless they are covered with blood, and not the filth of this world.

So if thats not enough, lets take even a deeper look inside local churches today.  Democracy.   I may post something on this a little later, but, remember this, MOST LOCAL CHURCHES ARE RAN BY DEMOCRACY!!!  Some say its a good thing.  NO!!!  Where in the bible does it speak of the church as a democracy?  Yeah, ok, Moses has people under him, and those people had people under him, but why did God do that for Moses?  Because Moses was the ONE and ONLY holy man of that time.  He had so much pressure put on him by being THE MAN!  HE was the leader of ONE GIANT CHURCH! So yeah he needed a little help.  But when a local church has to answer to a district and those answer to someone else and those answer to a Headquarters and give THEM their tithes and offerings?  It is blasphemy!  You don’t pay rent to another church or other people!!   (Other then paying for a building)  You are a church of the living God!  You have a Pastor which is the leader and the shepherd.  Then you have people under him so that he wont have so much on his shoulders.  And that is how a church is supposed to be.  Giving tithes and offerings to God and ONLY God, and answering to GOD and ONLY GOD!  To give anyone else YOUR tithes and offerings is IDOLATRY!   If a pastor wants to send money to another church to support their ministry, wether it be missionary, or whatever, thats HIS CHOICE!  But FIRST that Pastor must know to support HIS church before others!  His congregation rely on him, not other churches.  So that pastor should put HIS people first (Jew first) and THEN the people outside his church (THEN to the gentile).

Now that we looked at the Worship and the Democracy, of the local church, maybe we should go even more deeper.  Thats right, we are going to talk about the RELIGION in MOST CHURCHES!!!  I want you to remember this next statement, remember it and write it down because this is important!

Religion is a law that MUST be kept, or face the consequences. (Old covenant)

Christianity is the fulfillment of that law.  (New covenant)

Listen, there is SO MUCH religion in churches today, we literally damn OURSELVES to hell.  Don’t believe me?  How about people in churches today who damn other people by judging them.  They don’t look like Christians, they don’t talk like us, women don’t have long hair, mens hair is too long, they wear to much jewelry, their not as modest as we are!  PHARISEES!!!!  YOU SCRIBES AND PHARISEES!! HYPOCRITES!   Where were you before you were saved and sanctified?  Were you not lost? and broken and nasty with filth?  Were you not as disgusting as they by being covered with sin?  Some say, well i was never as bad as they are!  Scribe and Pharisee!  Hypocrites!! Do you not remember sin is sin?  That there is no greater than or less than?  Murder is the same as calling your brother a fool! (Matthew 5:22)  You have people who say the youth can not get on stage, with shorts, or t-shirts or anything other than the ususal “sunday clothes”.  But JESUS said, suffer not the little children to come unto me.  for SUCH is the kingdom of God.  Kingdom of God is the people in it.  NOT the area.  On a personal note, I have seen youth filled with the holy ghost, in t-shirts, shorts, chains on their necks, hats cocked to the side, and pants very loose around the waist.  How can they recieve that?  Because in their minds, and according to their knowledge, they are saved, and sanctified.  How DARE you tell them otherwise.  Yes, maybe teach them as they grow in Christ, but DO NOT condemn them for who they are.  Did Jesus say make yourself holy and THEN ill come into your lives?  No Romans 5:8 says “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.  He died for us, so we can change.  Didn’t say, change and then ill die!  Pharisees believe that we still have to obey so many laws (outside of God’s law in the new covenant) that when they decide to preach that man made law to the children of God, they corrupt their minds, causing the them to do the same thing the Pharisees are doing.  Judging.  No, not holy judgement either.  The kind of judgement that says Your child can’t get on stage with shorts on because its immodest.  Well i’m sure SHORTS are more modest today then what Jesus wore on the cross!!  So my child can’t get on stage with shorts.  That just means Jesus isn’t welcome either inside your church either, since He was dirty, bare foot, bloody, naked, torn, bruised, beaten, spat on, and not your race of color!  Yeah, it’s different since He was on the cross.  He didn’t have a choice.  Actually He DID CHOOSE THAT!  He chose that so the kids COULD get on stage with shorts on.  So some guys CAN wear hats and baggy clothes and still get baptized by the holy ghost.  He died so this filthy religion could die!  He resurrected so that Christianity could RISE FROM THE ASHES!!!

This post, is not to say don’t go to church.  This post was created to warn you not to get entangled with the junk that is found in churches today.  There are still people in those churches that are pure and just.  And those people would agree 100 percent with what I just said.  These people believe in the invisible church.  The church without walls, and boundaries and  limits.   Without democracy, religion, and idolatry.   ONE CHURCH.  ONE BODY!  ONE ACCORD!   An invisible church does not mean you don’t attend a church at all.  No.  Even I go to church.  But the invisible church is not a place at all.  It is a life.  A point of view.  A choice and it is a Truth.  The invisible church means you are not caught up in todays democracy of church.  Todays religion.  But you are the kind of Christian, that was found 2000 years ago.  Before there were different denominations.  Just one church.  In different buildings.  I am a member of a local church.   And I am a member, of the invisible church.  Because I am in this world.  Not of it.   I am a Chosen, highly blessed and favored, child of God.  (Ephesians 1)


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