Perceiving Christianity.

Welcome to my new blog.  This blog is strictly to share what Christianity is about, and what the Word of God authentically says.

Though I may not have a lot of time to modify this, I will spend some time trying to keep it up to date.  I will make this my new project to help share the Word, shed some light on some dim areas that you may not understand, and even may offend some.  If I do offend you, or you think I’m wrong, than prove me wrong.

So check back tomorrow, and get a new update on my blog. The Pentecost Perceiver.

And thanks for my new friend on facebook for the inspiration of the new Blog Idea!


3 responses to “Perceiving Christianity.

  1. Matthew,
    I finally was able to sit and really read your blog in-depth. Loved it. Seriously, you are hitting on a lot of things that so many folks are thinking, yet have never really sat down to write about.

    I’ll be following, you can believe it.

  2. I was absolutely inspired by your web page & will be checking in with you from time to time to read your updates. I also added your web page to my Facebook. I hope that was ok to do that. If not, just let me know & I will remove it.

    God bless

    • By all means, please do! The more people who see truth inside a world of lies and wickedness the better! I appreciate you taking such an interest in my page. And like I tell my facebook friends, if you think of something you may want to see me discuss on my site (in according to God’s word) then let me know. And i’ll see if i can’t put up a new post about it!

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